Multicom Multicom, supporting its own applications in its specific marketplace, as in solutions for the external market, plays to perfection its role of Hardware/Software System Integrator working with some of most famous manufacturers in the world, acting for some of them as VAR (Value Added Reseller) and collaborating on development of new projects and applications, according with various consolidated channel partner programs.

Multicom is constantly looking for new and important partnership intended to get winning products and original solutions, meeting specific needs usually ignored by products standardization rules.

multicom labs

Archimede is a digital audio acquiring software able to capture any audio source by various media type ( analog input, Telco, IP Streaming etc.).

It provides, in a simplified graphic interface live and the playback contents, both displayed as waveforms

A specific application engine allows the operator to associate textual notes to audio tracks, also exportable and printable, these notes are database indexed by date and time. An integrated search engine provide an immediate analysis of the texts and an equalizer module improves the general quality of the playback. All the data are automatically finalized to the various internal or external storage devices in a customized format.

MultiCOMtrol (patent pending) is a remote control system that simplifies and integrate in an unique solution (hardware + software) the employment of hybrid PTZ IP Video Systems (Pan-Tilt-zoom) composed by dissimilar parts (PTZ Head , Motorized Optics, Camera Body).

Such diversity usually involves the use of different interfaces for each different manufacturer, increasing the wiring complexity of the system and its dimensions. The use of hybrid Video systems is widely diffused in the Scientific Research, Naturalism, Tactic Video Surveillance, Military fields, as standard integrated products are not often able to reach the required performances (Zoom, Brightness, Resolution, Sensor, etc.).

MultiCOMtrol, made by a specific Microelectronic, designed and prototyped into Multicom Labs, on various shaped PCB dimensionally adapted to the various Video IP Encoders, allows an optimal space reduction simplifying at the most the interconnections between the elements of Video System.

The electronics is able to drive any PTZ motor, both for Voltage and Current ratings (AC/DC, PWM). Regarding the advanced commands, main protocols adopted by the various manufacturers (Sony, Canon, Samsung, etc.) are supported, allowing to the remote console a total control of all the advanced functions implemented in the Camera body. Using the set of I/O, is also possible to activate and to select any OSD menu of older cameras. All the management functionalities, fully integrated in the electronics, are available by a specific Client software for PC, using a Graphic Interface "On-line" control panel including various softkeys and cursors where any kind of pointing device can be used to activate all the functions in the remote Video System.